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Mars - Damages done by trying to chew Starburst, complaint ignored

BEWARE OF MARS INCORPORATED, AND THEIR PRODUCTS The following is my letter of complaint to Mars regarding Starburst candy, and the damages it did to my tooth. Do not buy products from this company. ANTHONY RAYMOND 973 Circle Drive Arbutus, Maryland 21227 (410) 247-0837 ______________________________________________________________________________ November 12, 2017 Wrigley COMPLAINT: 1.On November 9, I was offered a Starburst candy by a friend. Almost immediately my crown for tooth #19 fell out. 2.I saw Dr. Smith on November 15. He informed me that in addition to the crown displaced, part of my tooth was affixed to the crown. He said that there was not enough of my tooth left for him to save the tooth. He referred me to Dr. Bastacky for a complete tooth extraction. 3.Dr. Bastacky extracted my tooth #19 on 11/17. He informed me that I would need an implant to correct the damage done to my tooth. 4.In addition I will need a new crown and follow-up care from Dr. Smith. A copy of his estimate is also enclosed. I have enclosed as a PDF file copies of these transactions and expenses, as well as estimates. Obviously, these do not include the pain and suffering and discomfort I have endured, and will continue to endure for further treatments. I might add that until this experience I have always had all of my teeth in my adult life. I have waited weeks for someone to forward me a mailer as promised. I would hope that you address my complaint quickly so I can receive my implant. Anthony Raymond On November 10, I made my first calls to both Mars and Wrigley. In addition I also emailed Mars my complaint on their website. I was assured my complaint would be addressed quickly, and I would receive a mailer, in which I was to enclose the Starburst wrapper. The following week I received an email from Mars requesting me to call them, which I did. It was a waste of my time, as they told me to contact Wrigley again and make a new complaint. Dr. Bastacky extracted my tooth #19 on 11/17. He informed me that I would need an implant to correct the damage done to my tooth. His estimate is for this procedure is $3,445. In addition I will need a new crown from Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith’s estimate is $2772. Between November 10 and December 12, I made 11 calls to Mars and Wrigley. Each time I was given the same response. On December 7 my call to Mars resulted in a conversation with a Wrigley supervisor who chastised me for calling Mars instead of her. I reminded her since I had spoken directly with her the previous week, I felt calling Wrigley for the sixth time was a waste of my time, and maybe my complaints to Mars would prompt her to send me the mailer I had been promised repeatedly. She told me not to call Mars again. On December 12, I finally received the mailer dated November 17! This mailer said I had 30 days from the date of the letter to respond, or my complaint would be invalidated. Now I suppose they can say they did not receive my response in time. In addition they include 3 coupons valued at $4 each, which expired on January 1, 2018. Their letter indicated these coupons were for the inconvenience I have suffered. On March 5, 2018, I had to return to Dr. Bastacky for a bone extraction, due to the damages done by Starburst. This was another cost of $187. It is apparent that both Mars and Wrigley do not care about their product safety, not about the safety of their customers. The Starburst was defective in some way. There is no disclaimer anywhere on their wrapper regarding product safety. I have exhausted all of my many attempts to resolve my physical situation amicably. Both Mars and Wrigley failed to address my many complaints. They have been negligent in their efforts to resolve my claim. What’s unacceptable is not only they failed to remedy their damages, but they ignored my complaints. I might add that until this experience, I have always had all of my teeth in my adult life. My damages total $6821.30, not including all of my other expenses, and my pain and suffering. I invite anyone to contact me for any additional information.
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Starburst Candy
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Mars' Skittles Super Bowl Ad Was A Direct Ripoff

Used the "Sheldon-Penny" comedy routing on the "Big Bang Theory" whereby Sheldon knocks repeatedly on Penny's door and calls her name many times in a row. Also, the throwing things against a window to get people's attention is so overused and unoriginal, too. Can't big company like this get better and more original advertising? Were they sold a bill of goods? I expected more from this ad which must have cost a "pretty penny". Just because it did does not mean that the ad should be a direct ripoff of a skit used repeatedly in a popular television program. If this was intentional, then the company and ad agency should be ashamed of itself. If not, then they should have known better. Unoriginal, boring, and trite - what a waste of money!
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Mars Commercial
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